Using your card

Using Your Westpac Global Currency Card

You can use the Westpac Global Currency Card at millions of Mastercard global locations (in store, ATMs and online)*^.

Manage it online, anytime

You can manage your Westpac Global Currency Card, load and switch money between currencies online, anytime, from anywhere. Click here to manage your Westpac Global Currency Card.

Smart card, smart choice

When you make a purchase or ATM withdrawal, the Westpac Global Currency Card will first take money from the relevant currency balance that the transaction is denominated in. For example, if the transaction is in US dollars, your card will look to see if your US dollar currency balance can meet the requested transaction amount in full. If not, the card will then automatically work its way through the other currency balances in the default order of priority until the requested transaction amount is satisfied in full. The default order of priority of currencies is as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Terms and conditions

*In locations where the pre-loaded currencies aren't accepted, a currency conversion fee will apply. See Limits and Fees for more details.

^Excludes offline merchants, please see our FAQs on Card Acceptance for more information.