Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint, you may access EML Payment Solutions Limited’s internal dispute resolution procedure by:

EML Payment Solutions Limited will handle all complaints according to its internal dispute resolution procedure. You will not be charged a fee when making a complaint. The dispute resolution procedure requires that EML Payment Solutions Limited seek to resolve your complaint within 21 days, although it is not always possible to do so. If EML Payment Solutions Limited is unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 45 days, you may be eligible to escalate the complaint to EML Payment Solutions Limited’s external dispute resolution service. The period of 45 days may be extended in exceptional circumstances or where EML Payment Solutions Limited decides to resolve the complaint under the rules of the Mastercard scheme. If you wish to escalate the complaint, please tell EML Payment Solutions Limited this and the referral will be facilitated free of charge. The external dispute resolution service will not charge a fee to any complainant to investigate or resolve a complaint. The external dispute resolution service available for the Westpac Global Currency Card is: 

Financial Services Complaints Limited